Project Management

A professional Project Management significantly contributes to the success of a project. 

Base is the Software Primavera and/or Microsoft Project in coordination with following activities:

  • Time Scheduling and Monitoring
  • Cost Control
  • Assembly Planning and Monitoring 
  • Commissioning Planning and Assistance

Time Scheduling

As part of project management the elaboration of a detailed time schedule, sorted by subject areas, is a basic requirement.

On request TRIMONT creates time schedules that covers all activities from project start to final project completion. 

For Time Scheduling we are working with the Software Primavera and/or Microsoft Project. The resulting plans form the basis for ongoing time schedule control during the project workflow and show all deviations as soon as possible. 

Besides the presentation of the time course in the form of network diagrams or bar charts a variety of lists offer insight into all the details of the project.

Example Time Schedule Primavera and MS Project


MS Project

Cost Control

The economic aspect of a project is as important as the development of optimal technical solutions for project success. A recent overview of the cost curve is essential in every phase of the project. 

Due to many years of successful experience TRIMONT performs the Cost Control with the Software Primavera and/or Microsoft Project. 

Assembly Planning and Supervision

TRIMONT performs the Assembly Planning based on project basis and dates for construction and delivery. The both necessary and detailed assembly plans are created with the Software Primavera and/or Microsoft Project. 

The Assembly Supervision has to make the input control with the beginning of the first deliveries and to examine whether the project standards and general safety regulations were adhered to. Before starting the assembly following points are set or to regulate:

  • Assembly regulations
  • Construction site safety rules

The assembly supervision even checks the scheduled and proper professional assembly. Proper assembly is documented with an assembly completion protocol.

Commissioning Planning and Assistance

The Commissioning Planning is an independent planning part, which takes into account the following contents for a successful acquisition: 

  • Determining test and commissioning sequences
  • Time Scheduling
  • Definition of the commissioning personnel and responsibilities

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